Overview: The aim of the Learning While Moving (LWM) project is to initiate a major collaboration between research groups in South America and France on ubiquitous technologies applied to the research area of mobile learning. In the LWM project, we intend to develop a context-aware mobile learning environment (we call u-learning environment) to assist the creation of e-learning lectures, which can be adapted according to the current learning situation of the students, commonly named context. Context-awareness refers here to the capacity that a learning system has to detect students’ situation (location) and behaviors, to draw their attention on surroundings physical things or objects related to the current lesson, and to guide them in the discovery of new notions and knowledge. For instance, the current location of students, their proximity with real studied objects around, their skills, and the current state in the lecture workflow can be used to dynamically improve the u-learning activities performed by these students. As a case study, we propose to create a context-aware lecture in Geology that will execute on smartphones and that will help mobile geology students to learn in an interactive way when they are on the field.

Begin: 2011

End: 2013


Staff (main researchers):

  • Brazil:
    • José Valdeni de Lima (Brazilian coordinator) – UFRGS
    • José Palazzo Moreira de Oliveira – UFRGS
    • Leandro Krug Wives – UFRGS
    • Rossana Andrade – UFC
    • Edgar Marçal – UFC
    • Windson Viana de Carvalho – UFC
    • Márcio Maia – UFC
    • José Celso FREIRE Junior – UNESP
    • Edson Luiz França SENNE – UNESP
    • Ivan Rizzo Guilherme – UNESP
    • Claudia Werner – UFRJ
    • Marco Di Beneditto – UFRJ
  • Chile:
    • Jaime Sanchez (Chilean coordinator) – C5, Universidad del Chile
    • Mauricio Sáenz – C5, Universidad del Chile
    • Matías Espinoza – C5, Universidad del Chile
    • Angelo Tadres – C5, Universidad del Chile
  • France:
    • Jérôme Gensel (french coordinator) – LIG, STEAMER team
    • Hervé Martin – LIG, STEAMER team
    • Marlène Villanova-Olivier – LIG, STEAMER team
    • José Bringel Filho – LIG, STEAMER team