Overview: The Brazilian National Institutes of Science are an initiative of the Brazilian Government to create centers of excellence in the state of the art research that can contribute to the scientific and technological development of Brazil and, above all, have a high contribution to the society. The Brazilian National Institute of Science and Technology for the Web is the result of the integration of researchers from four institutions: UFMG, UFRGS, UFAM, and CEFET-MG and it is coordinated by the Computer Science Department of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). The Web is the largest communication and information system built so far and has a great impact on your daily lives. The INWeb was created to create and develop systems, technologies, and applications that allow us to explore the use of the Web in a way that it can benefit the society. This can be done by studying and understanding the scientific and technological foundations of the Web, as well as its social repercussion.

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